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Arty Party : Film Screening

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Recently completed the design work on the latest Creative Calderdale invite.


Creative Calderdale is delighted to announce a screening of the unique and provocative Art Party. The film is the latest in a series of cutting-edge collaborations between artist Bob and Roberta Smith, and filmmaker Tim Newton.

Building upon Bob and Roberta Smith’s famous 2011 work Letter to Michael Gove, the film contains an unusual blend of performance, interviews and imagined scenes. Part documentary, part punk-road movie and part political fantasy, Art Party charts a surreal journey to the 2013 Art Party Conference, where Bob and Roberta Smith and other speakers championed the importance of art, its place in the education system, and in society in general.

The screening, made possible courtesy of HOME Artist Film, will also be followed by a panel discussion led by regional arts and education professionals.

The Creative Calderdale event is being held at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, Halifax on Thursday 4th Feb 2016. The events starts at 6pm. Contact Hannah Peevers at Creative Calderdale for more information.



Hand-drawn typeface used for the invite title.


Made You Look : Film Screening

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Recently completed the design work on the latest Creative Calderdale invite and poster.


Creative Calderdale is delighted to welcome London-based film-maker collective Look and Yes to Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre for a screening of graphic art documentary, Made You Look.

The film is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. Via candid interviews with top British creatives, publishers and agency owners it explores the fact that more people than ever seem to be turning to analogue means of creating things, even though we are living at the height of the digital era. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the film’s director, producer and contributors.

The evening will also feature the launch of ‘Tra-digital’, an exhibition of art from local artists working across traditional and digital media and hosted in collaboration with ARTbound Community.

The Creative Calderdale event is being held at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, Halifax on Thursday 11th June 2015. The events starts at 6pm. Contact Hannah Peevers at Creative Calderdale for more information.




Thompson’s 30th

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From January 2004 until December 2007, I freelanced at Thompson Brand Partners in Leeds. When I say freelance, it was more ‘permalance’ – I was there pretty much solidly for four years!

TBP are celebrating their 30th birthday this year – many congratulations by the way – and to celebrate their birthday, they recently held an exhibition in Leeds city centre.

30 current and ex-employees were asked to produce a personal piece of work for the exhibition and I was chuffed that Ian Thompson asked me to contribute.

Being a personal piece, I felt it was only appropriate to do something Kreative Bomb related.


Family portrait.

Say hello to one of the Kreative Bomb Brothers — a series of characters I have developed for use on my website/marketing collateral.

He’s a bit out of shot because unfortunately, the photographer isn’t very good.


Photo taken by Lynn Murphy

To view the other 29 images that completed the exhibition, please visit here.


Recommended Agency Register (RAR)

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Many thanks to the clients who recently gave positive recommendations to RAR regarding Kreative Bomb Limited.

In case you are wondering who the Recommended Agency Registry is, here is a bit of insightful copy I lifted off their website: is an online sourcing tool for marketing and procurement professionals. Using an online research process we tap into the power of the marketing community to find out which agencies come recommended.”

Initially, what this means is I can now display their logo on my website/email/letterhead – almost like a badge of honour. The plan then is to become a fully paid-up member of RAR and hopefully capitalise on the great networking and referral functions they offer members.

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Business Boom Bolton

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Massive thank you to James at Business Boom Bolton for asking me if I would like Kreative Bomb featured on their website.

Always happy for kind people to spread the word about Kreative Bomb and the work that I do. All publicity is good publicity.

Please take a moment to a) check out my article on the Business Boom Bolton website and b) check out the profiles of the other wonderful creative types featured on the BBB website.


Respect the Rotring

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I was first introduced to Rotring technical drawing equipment back in 1989 when I first attended Rochdale College of Art & Design. As part of the foundation course I was enrolled on, we did a six-week crash course on Graphic Design. Bear in mind that in 1989, not many colleges/universities had embraced the Apple Mac yet. The most expensive piece of kit a design student owned in those days was a set of Rotring Isograph technical drawing pens and a tin of Spray Mount. I’m sure for today’s student, it’ a Macbook Pro.

I loved my Isograph pens. As a designer that favoured illustration and marker visuals, my .25mm was my weapon of choice. Nowadays, I favour Faber-Castell PITT pens for doodling but I’m still using my 20+ year old Rotring 500 Rollerball, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencils.

Rotring Rollerball

Rotring 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

Rotring Leather Pen Case

And a real blast from the past – the Rotring Technical Pen cleaning tub. Fill it with nibs, water and cleaning solution and leave it over night to get those nibs clean.



Christmas Goodies

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My family know me so well…

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson

Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Innovation by Pamela Glintenkamp

Banksy Myths & Legends by Marc Leverton

The Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling

Clan Robertson: Your Clan Heritage


Apple Design

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Today seems like an appropriate day to dust off my copy of Apple Design: The Works of The Apple Industrial Design Group.

A chance to look back and marvel at some of the finest, most innovative tools I have had the pleasure of using on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you Steve Jobs.


The Wacom Inkling

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Ahh the Wacom drawing tablet. Day by day these fantastical looking gadgets are becoming a more common sight on graphic designers desks. No bull, but I think 99% of all graphic designers I know have ditched the mouse and are using a drawing tablet as their main weapon of choice. Watching a skilled designer fly round the screen using one of those pens is a sight to behold. Magical!!

But, try as I may, I just can’t get used to using a drawing tablet. The ‘not looking at my hand while drawing’ concept is just something my tiny brain can’t get to grips with. Fellow designer friends continually encourage me to persevere – “eventually it will happen and you’ll never look back” – but it just isn’t happening for me.

Therefore, if I want to bring my scribblings to life on the ‘puter, I’m left either using the good old mouse or going totally old skull and scanning in my drawings to Photoshop. Not that I have a problem with this. I actually get a lot of satisfaction from turning off the Mac, getting out the layout pad, pencil and ink pens and having a doodle. Many a logo or graphic image that I have produced for a client started out as a sketch that was scanned in to the Mac. I also genuinely feel that drawing freehand on paper encourages experimentation and rewards mistakes. As skilled as I am using the tools in Adobe Illustrator, some of my favourite pieces have started out as sketch that I have merely traced over or ‘coloured in’.

Which brings me on to the Wacom Inkling. A scanner and pen combo that transfers your biro drawings in to editable bitmap and/or vector artwork. How does it work? Well I’m not entirely sure. It appears the scanner (that you clip on to the edge of your regular drawing pad) works in conjunction with the pressure sensitive pen to record the pen’s position and degree of pressure on the paper – thus allowing it to differentiate between light shading for instance and heavy scribbling. The Inkling also has the ability to record ‘layers’ therefore allowing you to split elements of your drawings off for full editable control on the computer afterwards. As a friend on Twitter remarked the other week – “Surely it’s witchcraft?”

The scanner is able to save all your drawings until you are ready to upload to your computer. So, let’s say for instance you are sat in a Starbucks and the urge came over you to do some doodling in your Moleskin*. Just clip the scanner to the edge of your pad, sketch away and when you were back at you Mac, upload your efforts. Unfortunately, the Inkling can not rewind time (yet!), so you need to make the decision beforehand if you wanted to record this drawing or not. I suppose you would just get in to the habit that anytime you decided to doodle, you would automatically activate the Inkling. At present, I just doodle away and if something looks interesting and worth developing, I would scan it in. With the Inkling, you may find yourself ‘retracing’ over doodles.

I am really interested in purchasing one. As someone who doodles a lot, I can really see the potential in it. But ideally, I want to see one in action first before I stump up £150. I’ve already thrown £50 a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet and that’s gathering dust on a shelf somewhere…

*I have never had the urge to do any drawings in my pad in a Starbucks… or any other ‘coffeeshop’ for that matter.


Stop! Motion! Masterclass!

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Recently completed the design work on the latest Creative Calderdale event invite.

The main speaker at the next event is international award-winning animator – Barry Purves.

Here’s Creative Calderdale’s blurp about Barry:

If you don’t know Barry by name, you will certainly know of his work, from childhood classics like Postman Pat and Rupert the Bear, to Hollywood Blockbusters like King Kong and Mars Attacks. Barry has also done numerous TV interviews, animation training courses, and documentaries. He has held workshops about animation around the world at major studios including Dreamworks, PDI, and Pixar. 

Known as one of Britain’s most celebrated animators, his six films have won over sixty major international awards, including Grand Prix, Best Director, Best Film, and Oscar and BAFTA nominations.

Amongst the many animations that Barry worked on in his early years, DangerMouse was one that really stood out for me. Therefore, I felt it was only right to pay homage to the DangerMouse opening credits when designing this invite.

The Creative Calderdale event is being held at Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax on Wednesday 5th October 2011. The events starts at 6pm. Contact Hannah at Creative Calderdale for more information.