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Recently provided the branding and design work for ARTbound Community’s latest Christmas ARTfair. The design is based on the branding I did last year, just different.


A5 flyer and A4 poster





Selection of social media graphics (Instagram and Twitter in-stream)

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New Website

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It’s only taken a couple of years… and it’s still not finished. But here it is, in it’s current state, my new Kreative Bomb website.


Over the next day or so I’ll be working my way through it, checking all the links work. It’s like proofreading a brochure – you don’t spot the mistakes until its printed!

As a ‘print designer’ who usually runs a mile from digital based projects, I’ve built this website using Adobe Muse – Adobe’s web package for the InDesigner. It doesn’t support conventional responsive* sites (at the moment) – so a mobile/tablet version of the site will be going live early 2016. Saying that, I have just clicked on Adobe’s website and there is a big splash screen on the Muse page about “Response coming soon”. So I might just hang fire on those mobile versions for the time being…

So what are my main objectives with this new site and why have I designed it the way I have?  First and foremost I wanted there to be no confusion about what it is that I do. Straight off the bat, big images, big text, big colours! My work is bold and distinctive and I wanted the site to convey that. Ultimately my work is what defines me to potential new clients so I wanted my work to be centre stage. It’s a very visual site – text at a minimum. Some older pieces will be replaced with newer projects as the site evolves. But at the moment, I’m 100% comfortable that the work on the site demonstrates the types of clients I have worked for and the solutions I have provided.

When I was originally planning the page layouts, I was very reluctant to research what other individuals/agencies were doing with their websites. In this industry, its very easy to follow the latest fads and do what’s fashionable – ultimately looking like everyone else. This is my website and if I want to move forward and attract new customers, I needed to be completely happy with the website behind me. I’m not the type of designer who is going to say “well it’s what everyone else is doing”. Time will tell if it is success or not.

At present, work links to ‘case studies’ on Behance. I will eventually redo my Behance projects on the site and bring everything on to one site. It was just too big a job to redo all those pages for my self-imposed launch date of the end of 2015.

The website is a work in progress and will evolve over time. New work will be added, sections will be expanded with some possible new sections introduced (photography, typography, personal projects for example).

I’m looking forward to any feedback – positive or negative.


*buzz word amongst web developers… apparently

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Thompson’s 30th

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From January 2004 until December 2007, I freelanced at Thompson Brand Partners in Leeds. When I say freelance, it was more ‘permalance’ – I was there pretty much solidly for four years!

TBP are celebrating their 30th birthday this year – many congratulations by the way – and to celebrate their birthday, they recently held an exhibition in Leeds city centre.

30 current and ex-employees were asked to produce a personal piece of work for the exhibition and I was chuffed that Ian Thompson asked me to contribute.

Being a personal piece, I felt it was only appropriate to do something Kreative Bomb related.


Family portrait.

Say hello to one of the Kreative Bomb Brothers — a series of characters I have developed for use on my website/marketing collateral.

He’s a bit out of shot because unfortunately, the photographer isn’t very good.


Photo taken by Lynn Murphy

To view the other 29 images that completed the exhibition, please visit here.


Le Bridge

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On July 5th, Le Tour de France makes it’s ‘Grand Départ’ here in Yorkshire. More importantly, on Sunday 6th July, the second stage of the event running from York to Sheffield makes it way through the Calder Valley, in particular Hebden Bridge.

I’d like to estimate how many spectators will be lining the streets or watching it on tv but I can’t – all I know is that it will be a lot. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Le Tour de France is the largest free sporting spectator event in the world. Throw in the fact that the last two winners of the yellow jersey are Brits and its easy to see why local communities are getting excited about the commercial prospect of Le Tour rolling through their village.


Welcome to Hebden Bridge tourist guide

A couple of colleagues and myself here at the Hebden Bridge Town Hall decided to take on the responsibility of creating a TdF ‘brand’ for Hebden Bridge. The initial concept was to create a series of stickers, banners and posters that local businesses could display on their premises with the intention of making customers/visitors not only aware that TdF was coming to Hebden Bridge, but that Hebden is excited about TdF and is going to fully embrace the race when it arrives. We want people in and around Hebden to feel enthusiastic about the TdF and come to back Hebden Bridge to watch the race.


Business Survival Guide

There are very strict rules about who and how you can use the official TdF branding so we felt Hebden deserved its own identity. Already, lots of local organisations and businesses have started putting on events and promotions coinciding with TdF and we wanted a unifying brand for Hebden that could tie all these events together and eradicate any fragmentation.


Selection of downloadable website buttons

Our proposal was to give window stickers, posters, banners, coasters and flags away to local businesses for free (people are more likely to engage with a cause if they don’t have to pay). Unfortunately, after a lot of hard work by my colleagues here at the Town Hall and myself, we were unable to raise sufficient funding to roll everything out in time for the all important bank holiday weekends of April and May – the perfect opportunity to make visitors to Hebden aware of the TdF. Therefore, apart from an appearance in the recently released ‘Welcome to Hebden Bridge’ tourist guide, Le Bridge is a digital only campaign. A website has been set up where local organisations and individuals can download digital collateral for their own use as well as printable PDFs of the poster templates.

Le-Bridge-Website website


Alice in Wonderland

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Recently completed the design and illustration work on a range of marketing material for Role With It Productions’ upcoming performance of Alice in Wonderland. The promotional pieces include: tickets, program, flyers, posters, vinyl banners and social media graphics. Keep your eyes open for the vinyl banners in Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Todmorden.

The main focus of the artwork is on the Birchcliffe Centre – a magnificent old building that overlooks Hebden Bridge and is the actual venue for the production. We decided to make the Birchcliffe Centre the “Wonderland” in the hope that when the children (and adults of course) approach the building, it will feel like they are actually following Alice into Wonderland itself. Role With It Productions plan to decorate the outside of the Birchcliffe Centre and extend the Wonderland experience beyond the theatre space inside. This production of Alice is set in an industrial Hebden during the Victorian period and will have a very ‘steampunk’ feel.


Here is Dig Yorkshire’s blurb:

Role With It Productions present a sparkling new twist on the Lewis Carroll classic Alice In Wonderland, adapted for the stage by Hebden Bridge writer Sian Murray. This magical family delight will be produced by the professional creative team behind ‘Nutcracker’ last year and will feature a junior cast from the Helen Wilman School of Dance. Follow Alice up the hill to the beautiful fairy lit Birchcliffe Centre and join us for the perfect treat this festive season.


Role With It’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland will be showing in Hebden Bridge at the Birchcliffe Centre from the 14th – 28th December. Tickets are available from Innovation Gift Shop and online at £8 for adults and £6 for children.



Made in Halifax

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Recently completed the design work on the latest Creative Calderdale event invite.


The main speaker at the next event is BAFTA winning screenwriter, Sally Wainwright.

Here’s Creative Calderdale’s blurp about the event:

Creative Calderdale is delighted to announce that BAFTA winning screenwriter, Sally Wainwright will be joining us for a discussion about Calderdale, our creative heritage and the inspiration behind some of her best known works such as ‘Last Tango in Halifax’, ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘At Home with the Braithwaites’.

Sally’s connection to the Borough goes back to childhood and she will be joined by Last Tango producer, Karen Willis, to explain what inspires them about writing and working here in the heart of Calderdale. As this invite goes to press, the second series of Last Tango In Halifax is being filmed here in Calderdale, with further filming due to start in October on yet another Sally Wainwright-penned production featuring our iconic towns and valleys. The Creative Calderdale event will be an excellent opportunity for those working in the screen industries to get involved in what is likely to be yet another award winning drama from Sally Wainwright and production company, Red.

The Creative Calderdale event is being held at the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, Halifax on Thursday 24th October 2013. The events starts at 6pm. Contact Hannah Crank at Creative Calderdale for more information.