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Dispatches from a Dilettante

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Recently completed the design work on a book cover for Paul Rowson’s Dispatches from a Dilettante.

Here is Paul’s very own description of his book:

‘Dispatches from a Dilettante’ is a rampage through a chaotic career, encompassing rock music, religion, royalty and renegade kids – stretching from the Caribbean to Cambodia. It’s a memoir on the absurdity of endeavour and a restless lifestyle spent working exceptionally hard trying to avoid it. There are close encounters with Jimi Hendrix, the Prince of Wales, ex footballers and the current Head of the Catholic Church in England, together with bar room brawls and board room bitterness. Whether it’s the drugs and desperation of life on a Welsh housing estate or discussions in the Gardens of Highgrove it’s a life lived whimsically, from the higher echelons of business to the gutters of Phonm Penh. It’s about a music-loving meanderer who has never quite got over being at Woodstock.

After reading the book myself, I proposed to Paul that trying to cover all the various major events of his life on the cover was going to be a challenge – and no doubt a visual car crash! My suggestion was to make the book look like a battered journal that had accompanied Paul around the world on his many adventures.

Dispatches from a Dilettante is available for the Amazon Kindle here.


Success in 80 Days

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Recently completed the design work on a set of three course manuals for Co-ordinates Mapping Ltd.

In their own words, Co-ordinates Mapping Limited produces and delivers programs of business and personal skills development, together with related published materials.


Whiny Little Bitch

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Just completed the illustration and design work on the book cover for Whiny Little Bitch – The Excuse-Filled Presidency of Barack Obama. As the intro on the back cover says, “Whiny Little Bitch is your guide to the most embarrassing presidency since the Carter Administration”.

The author of this book requested a cover design based around the now famous, Shepard Fairey ‘Hope’ & ‘Progress’ posters – but in this instance showing the President in a negative light. Therefore, we went down the route of showing Mr Obama crying like a baby.

Please note, I’m a British graphic designer with absolutely no political interest whatsoever, and certainly no interest in American politics. If the content of this book and subject matter of the illustration offends you, I’m sorry – I’m just trying to earn a living.

Update: This book is now available to order on



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Just completed design work on the book cover for Slurls – a book dedicated to the world’s worse internet urls. Fancy a sneak peak at the content of this book? Then check out

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Pilates Book Cover

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Just completed design work on a ‘guide to pilates’ book cover for Allan Menezes. Allan is Australia’s leading Pilates practitioner and the self-proclaimed pioneer of Pilates in Australia. If you do a quick Google on Allan, you’ll see what I mean – this guy knows his stuff!

In case you were wondering, I created the 3D characters for the cover in Poser 8.

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How to Go Green

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Nice little job I did just before Christmas – design the book cover for How to Go Green by Louisa McBee

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