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New Website

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It’s only taken a couple of years… and it’s still not finished. But here it is, in it’s current state, my new Kreative Bomb website.


Over the next day or so I’ll be working my way through it, checking all the links work. It’s like proofreading a brochure – you don’t spot the mistakes until its printed!

As a ‘print designer’ who usually runs a mile from digital based projects, I’ve built this website using Adobe Muse – Adobe’s web package for the InDesigner. It doesn’t support conventional responsive* sites (at the moment) – so a mobile/tablet version of the site will be going live early 2016. Saying that, I have just clicked on Adobe’s website and there is a big splash screen on the Muse page about “Response coming soon”. So I might just hang fire on those mobile versions for the time being…

So what are my main objectives with this new site and why have I designed it the way I have?  First and foremost I wanted there to be no confusion about what it is that I do. Straight off the bat, big images, big text, big colours! My work is bold and distinctive and I wanted the site to convey that. Ultimately my work is what defines me to potential new clients so I wanted my work to be centre stage. It’s a very visual site – text at a minimum. Some older pieces will be replaced with newer projects as the site evolves. But at the moment, I’m 100% comfortable that the work on the site demonstrates the types of clients I have worked for and the solutions I have provided.

When I was originally planning the page layouts, I was very reluctant to research what other individuals/agencies were doing with their websites. In this industry, its very easy to follow the latest fads and do what’s fashionable – ultimately looking like everyone else. This is my website and if I want to move forward and attract new customers, I needed to be completely happy with the website behind me. I’m not the type of designer who is going to say “well it’s what everyone else is doing”. Time will tell if it is success or not.

At present, work links to ‘case studies’ on Behance. I will eventually redo my Behance projects on the site and bring everything on to one site. It was just too big a job to redo all those pages for my self-imposed launch date of the end of 2015.

The website is a work in progress and will evolve over time. New work will be added, sections will be expanded with some possible new sections introduced (photography, typography, personal projects for example).

I’m looking forward to any feedback – positive or negative.


*buzz word amongst web developers… apparently

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