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Revolve Fitness International

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Just completed the design work on a new website for Revolve Fitness International.

Revolve are a company that specialise in offering training to gym and fitness instructors. Based in the UK, they are now expanding into Dubai and India and therefore needed a website refresh.

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Tuel Lane Ate My Miles

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I recently logged on to my website to post a reply to a comment someone had left and noticed I hadn’t uploaded any new work in a while. Not good.

I therefore decided I needed to upload something. Anything.

Unfortunately, I haven’t completed many jobs recently. I seem to have a lot of work that is ‘In Progress’ and the bits and bobs I have completed are all a bit dry.

So, I’m uploading an illustration.

It’s a personal piece. It means nothing to no one (except me) and is unlikely to win any awards but it’s a bit wacky and I thought it would look good on my site.

And you know what? If by this time next Monday I have nothing else worthy of uploading, then I’ll trawl through my past work for something that is – commissioned or not.