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Kreative Bomb… (un)Limited

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As of today, Kreative Bomb has taken the seemingly professional move of becoming a Limited Company, Company number 07071568 incase you were wondering.

Next step… get a business bank account set-up.

Plus, this puts more pressure on moi to get some business cards finalised – which has been a job that constantly slips down the ‘To Do’ list.

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Work in progress

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Obviously, it is still very early days for this website plus I’m still finding my way round WordPress. Unfortunately, for the next few weeks until I get new pages and sections completed and uploaded, this site is going to look a bit empty and unfinished. Sorry about that.

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New website

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Welcome to the brand new Kreative Bomb website.

The website that preceded this had been knocking around for a fair few years now and was beginning to look a bit dated, so I decided it was time to give it a bit of an overhaul.

By now you’ve probably spotted that this new website has a bloggy/news type appearance – as opposed to a more conventional gallery/slide show approach. Not only is this becoming a more common way of producing websites in the design industry, I also felt this was a more effective way of keeping the site constantly updated and looking fresh, while also keeping the general maintenance down to a minimum. Using a bloggy news feed approach means I can upload new work and latest news on the fly and hopefully encourage readers to come back more often and possibly leave feedback.

The conundrum I’m faced with now is where to start. Do I go back and upload all the major work I’ve done over the past few years or do I treat this website as the start of a new dawn and therefore a blank canvas? I’m strongly tempted to draw a line on all my previous work and start this website from now but I do have work on my previous website that I’m quite proud of and I’m not quite ready to assign it to the archives just yet.

With that in mind and the flexibility that this type of website offers, I think I will introduce old work into this site but possible under a category entitled ‘The Vault’ or something along those lines. Who knows?

At the end of the day, this website is an experiment of sorts and I’m not entirely sure how it will end up. I’m quite liking the thought of being very spontaneous with it and therefore it becomes a bit of an evolving beast. Besides, as a graphic designer, I’m faced with rules and guidelines day-in, day-out – the last thing I want is my own website to become that rigid.

And on that note I’ll sign out. Hope you enjoy the website and I look to forward to any feedback (positive I hope!) 😉

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