Respect the Rotring


I was first introduced to Rotring technical drawing equipment back in 1989 when I first attended Rochdale College of Art & Design. As part of the foundation course I was enrolled on, we did a six-week crash course on Graphic Design. Bear in mind that in 1989, not many colleges/universities had embraced the Apple Mac yet. The most expensive piece of kit a design student owned in those days was a set of Rotring Isograph technical drawing pens and a tin of Spray Mount. I’m sure for today’s student, it’ a Macbook Pro.

I loved my Isograph pens. As a designer that favoured illustration and marker visuals, my .25mm was my weapon of choice. Nowadays, I favour Faber-Castell PITT pens for doodling but I’m still using my 20+ year old Rotring 500 Rollerball, ballpoint pen and mechanical pencils.

Rotring Rollerball

Rotring 0.5mm Mechanical Pencil

Rotring Leather Pen Case

And a real blast from the past – the Rotring Technical Pen cleaning tub. Fill it with nibs, water and cleaning solution and leave it over night to get those nibs clean.



  1. Robert Brock says:

    Hi Jonathan
    I enjoyed reading about your Rotring ‘Blast from the past’ I’m a lot older and my first job in the 70’s involved me using many Rotrings. I am well down the line in graphic design and illustration and am about to attempt to breathe some life back into my old pens, I’ve got a dozen or more very crusty ones at the moment just waiting to be put in the red cleaning unit with some dodgy chemicals. I’m looking forward to pushing a pen around for a change rather than a mouse… watch this space…

    Cheers Rob

  2. Kreative Bomb says:

    Thanks for you comment Robert

    I recently dug out my old Isographs but they are such a faff getting goinging again and keeping clean. Unless I’m using them everyday then they are more trouble than they are worth. Think I’ll stick with fibre tips for my occasional doodles.

    Still love using my Rotring 600 pencils and fountain pen though šŸ˜‰

    All the best


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