Whiny Little Bitch


Just completed the illustration and design work on the book cover for Whiny Little Bitch – The Excuse-Filled Presidency of Barack Obama. As the intro on the back cover says, “Whiny Little Bitch is your guide to the most embarrassing presidency since the Carter Administration”.

The author of this book requested a cover design based around the now famous, Shepard Fairey ‘Hope’ & ‘Progress’ posters – but in this instance showing the President in a negative light. Therefore, we went down the route of showing Mr Obama crying like a baby.

Please note, I’m a British graphic designer with absolutely no political interest whatsoever, and certainly no interest in American politics. If the content of this book and subject matter of the illustration offends you, I’m sorry – I’m just trying to earn a living.

Update: This book is now available to order on Amazon.com


  1. Hate to see an artist of your skill lower himself to this level. As you say, the politics mean little to you and the work may pay some bills, however the hacks will use your images for some time and it doesn’t show your work in a favorable light at all. There’s got to be other work available than this crap.

  2. Kreative Bomb says:

    Hi Terry

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and comment on my artwork.

    I’m very sorry you feel this way about the book cover. I knew when I took the brief on, there would be supporters of President Obama that would take offence.

    At the end-of-the-day, we are all entitled to our opinions, especially when it concerns members of government who we elected. Therefore, I fully honour and respect your opinion.

    But, I will stress again, I am an unbiased designer who doesn’t let my own personal views/allegiances interfere with the decision about what creative briefs I work on – whether that be politics, sport or the type of car I drive.

    I hope you’ll continue to visit my website.

    Warmest regards


  3. Marcus says:

    You should make this into a bumper sticker and make some money.

  4. Lyndonnn says:

    I wonder what Obama will do after his presidency is over.

  5. Marcus says:

    Don’t listen to idiots who have never done an honest days labor in their lives. I think the idea was genious. There is a huge demand for this image on a bumper sticker or t-shirt. My dad had printed out the image and taped it to his truck, and even here, in the SF Gray Area, everybody wanted one. Sadly, the truck became a casualty of illegal immigration and had to be scrapped. Strike up a deal with a print service and make some bucks, man!

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