Kreative Bomb… (un)Limited


As of today, Kreative Bomb has taken the seemingly professional move of becoming a Limited Company, Company number 07071568 incase you were wondering.

Next step… get a business bank account set-up.

Plus, this puts more pressure on moi to get some business cards finalised – which has been a job that constantly slips down the ‘To Do’ list.


  1. The Shine says:

    bout time as well my mate… how long???
    get some of your latest work on here man, need to see what my ‘safe’ design buddy has recently been visualising… The Larkster…. signin’ off

  2. Kreative Bomb says:

    I know, the last site was getting a bit dated and stale.

    This site has only been up a few weeks – still sorting through my work to upload. I’m not sure if I’m going to upload old work and instead just upload new work as and when I do it.

    All my work is ‘safe’ – you know that 😉

    Let’s catch up Thursday in town.

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